Hi. I’m Jovino.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist focusing on clothing design, music, graphic art, and sculpture.

Welcome to my studio.

Clothing Designer

I began my sewing career in 1999 making costumes and hats for friends and acquaintances. Once the word got out, I started thinking that this sewing business can actually be a business.

In 2005 I launched my first brand Bunnywarez with my partner. We created a veritable zoo of unique animal pajamas as well as a full line of clothing and accessories. My current brand Spacepunk is where all of my latest designs reside.

In addition to my clothing lines, I also work as a sewn product contractor and consultant. Most of my work comes from word of mouth and Craigslist. I enjoy working with my many long-term and repeat customers.

My services encompass all aspects of the fashion design business. I’m able to assist with design and development, pattern making and grading, sample sewing and small run production. I can also manage larger production runs using local manufacturing resources.

I serve as a mentor to new designers. I enjoying helping others build their own brands. I openly share my process and resources. I believe that everyone deserves to succeed.

My studio is located in Los Angeles. I am available by appointment including early morning and late night.

I also have industrial design experience, including blueprint reading, technical illustration, and 3D modeling. If you need sewn product invention and prototypes, I can help you out.

What can I do for you?

Jovino Bunny
Mobile & Text: (415) 794-6437
Email: jovinobunny@gmail.com

Wedding gown and tuxedo

I designed and created the clothes for my wedding. My wife is wearing a princess seam strapless gown featuring a meandering pink and purple sequin mesh over fuchsia silk dupioni. My tuxedo features teal and silver denim with a matching silk dupioni liner.

Photo by Dave Le Creative

Black strapless sundress

The dress is made with a falling daisy print fabric. The hem is cut along the flowers for a more natural appearance. The back has a contrasting yellow exposed zipper.

Bolt Shirt

The body is white with black mesh stripes. The bolt design is pink, purple, and black non-shedding glitter.

Strange Coat

My client requested a unique coat to wear at Burning Man. He spoke of his love for Marvel Comic's Doctor Strange, and asked that I use it as inspiration.

The coat is constructed using red and purple shaggy fake fur, and lined in matching red and purple "rockstar" fabric. The sleeve insignia was created using a cut-out reverse applique technique. The coat is fully reversible and features a double breasted snap closure and several hidden pockets.

American Widgeon Coat and Vest

I was approached by American Widgeon to design a full line of coats and vests for children. As part of the project I was allowed to create custom made fake fur which made this project extremely fun to do.

This particular coat features two-tone medium nap fur with a black undercoat. The lining is iridescent purple taffeta with a purple glitter applique.

Biking Knickers

These jeans were designed with style, comfort and safety in mind. The capri length allows free movement and the adjustable elastic hem provides perfect comfort level. Reflective trim makes these trousers highly visible at night.


I was approached by a client who designs their own line of swimsuits. They had ideas and a vision of how the garment was supposed to look and function. It was my job to cut and sew sample garments before taking the designs into production. Each swimsuit was meticulously sewn inside and out.

Seatbelt Corset

This project was inspired by the Mad Max series of films. I had been making recycled seatbelt belts for a while and was familiar with the medium. The corset is adjustable from small to XL using a system of side lacing and my secret webbing adjustment system.

Buckle Up!

Yip Yips

Another fun project! These costumes were designed for an outer-space themed convention. They are crafted using cuddle plush, semi sheer black polyester, large pipe cleaners, pipe insulation, styrofoam balls, and a sponge on a stick. The costumes also include matching pants, belts of tentacles and shoes for a complete look.

Skunk Jammies

This suit was made with polar fleece and fake fur. It has a double-ended zipper opening which goes from the neck to the base of the tail. The hem features adjustable elastic.

I have been making animal pajamas since 2003. I founded a business around these garments and I still make them on a commission basis.

Small Dog Service Vest Prototype

I was commissioned to design a service dog vest for tiny dogs. The project never got off the ground, but I made a prototype based around the customer's requirements.


Romibo is an interactive robot used to assist special needs children to learn to interact with the world. The requirement for this project was to create a removable cover which cannot be tugged off by the children, but can be easily removed for laundering. The attachment system is comprised of corded elastic and non-slip pajama footie fabric. The body is made with fake fur and it has an elastic enhanced face opening and an elastic waist. The robot is motorized, so the base had to be clean to prevent fabric from getting caught in the wheels.

Quantum Martial Arts banner

This banner was made using a combination of quilting and embroidery. I used Robert Kaufman woven cotton which allowed me to exactly match colors. The black lines were created using a combination of flat-lock and satin stitching. I made two of these banners, which are currently installed inside the Quantum Martial Arts dojo in San Francisco.

Client review
Jovino is a talented, cheerful, and professional artist to work with. He created two custom wall flags 3'x5' with an embroidered geometric color block logo at 2' diameter for our martial arts dojo. Not only were the final products of excellent quality and exactly what we were looking for, Jovino was great to work with. He was responsive, reliable, a fast worker, had great attention to detail, did several iterations of color choices to make sure we were happy with the materials, struck the right balance between suggesting ideas and listening to our requests, and the workmanship was top quality. Also a very cool guy to know! We’d definitely work with him again, and recommend his textile artistry skills. Great to work with a local independent artist as well!


Spacepunk is my current clothing company. Here I showcase my original Spacecoats, punk rock vests, and my other brands Bunnywarez and Religious Headwear.

Inspired by the deep reaches of space, glam, fake fur, and punk rock. Each garment showcases my exceptional sewing abilities. Every coat tells a story.


Religious Headwear

I’ve been making hats since 2000. My first hat was crafted from a cast off scrap of fake fur. It was a simple, hand-sewn design. The unique shape of this hat complimented so many faces that I started selling them at craft fairs. I also designed a line of hats for my brand Bunnywarez.

Today I run Religious Headwear. Handmade hats for futurists and visionaries. Every hat is unique. Each hat is a work of art. Wear your Religious Headwear every day.

Graphic Artist

I began my design career as a technical illustrator for Boeing Aircraft where I illustrated 3D parts manuals by hand. I soon discovered Graphic Art and Design and my true passion.

I enjoy logos and typography. Brand development and marketing collateral are some things I enjoy most.




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I am a professional musician with over 30 years of experience. I have worked with many clients both in the studio and on the stage. I have a thorough understanding of my instruments and a strong foundation of music theory. I am still learning to read music, but I am getting there.

I enjoyed a solo residency at Gate510, a coworking space in San Leandro, CA. Several days a week I performed looped ambient and improv jazz bass. It was a fantastic opportunity and I had several fans who would come listen to me play.

I have worked with a number of tribute acts covering the music of Blondie, The Cars, Lenny Kravitz, and REM.

Below are some recent bands I've worked with.

The Pathogens

A Power Pop Punk Rock Supergroup based in Oakland, California

The Pathogens live at The Ivy Room, Albany, CA 10/19/2018. Find more videos of The Pathogens on YouTube.

The debut LP We’re Catchy is available online at Bandcamp, The iTunes Music Store and Amazon Music.

The first demo Patient Zero is available online at The iTunes Music Store.

The Pathogens also appear on the Arcane Drama compilation; available from 1986’d Music Industries, The iTunes Music Store and Amazon.

Or just ask for them by name at your favorite record store.


Escape Machine

A dark melodic trio

Escape Machine was a side project of frontman Jeff K from The Utmost Something. The band recorded a live, unmixed album, available on CD or cassette by request.


The Utmost Something

The Utmost Something grew organically over several years of "jamming" with friends. The band released a 4-track demo and performed on BayTV, Pacifica


I'll occasionally record covers from time to time as the mood strikes me; mostly when I am learning a song for a project.



I work primarily with reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed materials. Most of my art sources come from scavenged dumpsters and found on the street. I draw my inspiration from the Sunset Scavanger Recology Artist in residence program. The residency provides San Francisco Bay Area artists with access to discarded materials and a studio space at the at the Recology Transfer Station.

My current focus of art is Lumia — the play of light, time and space. My artistic vision is inspired by artists such as Dan Flavin, Nam June Paik, Earl M. Reiback, and Thomas Wilfred.

Colorbox 1

Wood box, Mirrors, Snack Food Wrappers, Dichroic Glass, LED, Kinex toys, Motor, and Projection TV Screen.

This kinetic sculpture produces dancing light projected onto a linticular screen. The colors move and dance with a pattern which does not repeat for approximately 72 hours. Additionally, different angles of view will produce entirely different light patterns making the colors unique and not repeat virtually forever.

Blue Boxes

Modular Office Color Samples, Cold Cathodes.

Square steel boxes are welded together to create harmonious symmetry. The piece is illuminated using four cold cathode tubes. Leaking light is used illuminate the wall behind it.


Wood Box, Crosswalk Sign, Flag, Blinking Light.

I was so moved by the 2016 presidential election, that I created this piece immediately following the concession. The flag is displayed with the union down to signal a state of dire distress. Flashing light makes crosswalk sign blink as to signal stop, enough. This piece represents my disappointment of the democratic process and the people who chose to elect a person unfit for office — the very purpose of which the Electoral College exists and has failed.



Aluminum Picture Frame, Glass Brick, Colored Lights, Aluminum Foil.

Colored light reflects on uneven surfaces to create a depth of colors.



Plywood, MDF, Lights, The Clapper.

I was commissioned to create a site-specific installation on the front of a bar. The client wanted '70s inspired stripes painted on the front. Being a sculpture and light artist, I took the project into the forth dimension. The raised MDF stripes perfectly match the color scheme of the interior decoration. Distressed plywood brings a sense of timelessness. The raised stripes are lit from behind. The outlet was inaccessible after installation, so I used The Clapper to switch the lights on and off. The client loves it.

Gold teeth master

Plaster Mouth Casts, Gold Leaf, Velvet, Wood Frames.

I had acquired these mouth casts during art school, and it took several years before I would find the inspiration on what to do with them. Named after a local small business, I thought it would be funny to have a "grill" on imperfect teeth. The teeth are gold leafed and the plaster is colored with Prisma markers. The casts are mounted on black velvet and framed inside a distressed wooden frame.

Deconstructed Television

5" Black and White Television, Motorcycle Timing Control, Vacuum Tubes, Wood Box.

This working television is inspired by the computer terminals in the 1985 Terry Gilliam film Brazil. The picture tube is mounted using threaded rods, and the rest of the circuits are inside the box. Additionally, vacuum tubes and a motorcycle timing control are used to further recreate archaic technology. I like to use a Bitman Video Bulb by artist Ryota Kuwakubo for entertaining surveillance style animation.


Plywood, Acrylic Paint.

I created approximately thirteen bunnies and installed them in discreet locations along the local highway. As the vegetation thickened, the bunnies became hidden until later in the year as the bushes would begin thin out. Some bunnies now belong to friends, some still are installed on site.

Glass Bowls

Wood, Acrylic Paint, Teak Oil.

These bowls are sanded and smoothed glass blowing bowls used to pour molten glass. Once the bowls became cracked and dried, they were no longer useable. I found beauty in their shapes, so I cleaned and sanded them. Acrylic paint was used as a wood stain and Teak Oil was used to further seal the wood and bring out the grain.


Matchbox Car, Toilet Paper, Electronic Candle.

Artist Friend Kasey Smith was looking for someone to make a miniature sculpture for a tiny Burning Man camp. I stepped up and created this little version of the Gigsville Car-B-Q. A pull tab at the front connects the circuit enabling an electronic candle making the toilet paper flame animate.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my stuff.